Natural Nourishment

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Natural Nourishment

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Nature’s Touch Degu Food is the ultimate choice for your degu’s well-being. This delectable mix of hay, vegetables, flowers, and plants offers a complete and natural diet, mirroring their natural preferences. Enriched with essential vitamin C, it promotes their overall health. Wheat ears encourage mental stimulation and natural foraging behavior. Our sugar-free formula supports their dietary needs while minimizing unpleasant odors. Packaged using modified atmosphere packaging, it ensures freshness. Tailored for degus, it provides extra fiber for digestive health and dental wear, maintaining a balanced diet. Nature’s Touch Degu Food keeps your pet in prime condition, promoting their vitality.


Nature’s Touch Degu Food, the perfect dietary choice for your cherished degu companion. This delectable blend combines hay, vegetables, flowers, and plants to create a complete and naturally healthy diet, mirroring their natural preferences.

Key Features of Nature’s Touch Degu Food:

Enriched with Vitamin C: Our formulation includes extra vitamin C, essential for the health and well-being of degus, ensuring they receive the vital nutrients they need.

Mental Stimulation: Nature’s Touch Degu Food features wheat ears, promoting mental stimulation and encouraging their natural foraging behavior, keeping them mentally engaged and active.

Sugar-Free Formula: We’ve carefully crafted this food to be entirely free from ingredients containing sugar, providing your degu with a sugar-free and wholesome diet.

Odor Control: Our formula is designed to minimize the unpleasant odors associated with urine, creating a more pleasant environment for both you and your pet.

Quality and Freshness Guaranteed: Nature’s Touch Degu Food is packaged using modified atmosphere packaging to preserve its quality and freshness, ensuring your pet always enjoys top-notch nutrition.

Why Choose Nature’s Touch for Your Degu?

Nature’s Touch Degu Food is meticulously formulated to meet the specific dietary needs of degus. It provides extra fiber from an array of plants and hay, which not only supports their digestive health but also promotes dental wear and the maintenance of a balanced and healthy diet.

Our composition mirrors the natural plants, flowers, and vegetables that degus naturally enjoy, promoting overall well-being and vitality in a healthy and balanced way.

Give your degu the gift of Nature’s Touch – a food designed with love and care, providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive and lead a happy, healthy life. Choose Nature’s Touch – where nature meets nutrition, and your pet’s well-being always comes first.


Bran, hay, fescue hay (Festuca Arundinacea), orchadh grass (Lolium perenne), dehydrated alfalfa, wheat ear (Triticum spp), straw, barley, puffed wheat enriched with vitamin C, rice, nettle (Urtica dioica L.}, birch (Betula L.), hibiscus (Hibiscus L).


Vitamin A (3a672a) 7.440 IU/Kg, Vitamin D3 (3a671) 670 IU/Kg, Vitamina E (a-Tocopherol) (3a700) 18.60 mg/Kg, Vitamin C (3a300) 710 mg/Kg, Lys (lisina) {3c321} 0.59%, Iron (ferrous carbonate) (3b103} 181.42 mg/Kg, Iodine (potassium iodide) (3b201) 0.80 mg/Kg, Cobalt (cobaltous basic carbonate) {3b302} 0.50 mg/Kg, Copper (Copper sulphate pentahydrate) {3b405} 5.95 mg/Kg, Manga­nese (Manganese oxide) (3b502) 60.48 mg/Kg, Zinc (zinc oxide) (3b603) 77.87 mg/Kg, Selenium (sodium selenite) (3b801) 0.50 mg/Kg.


Protein (15%), Crude oils & fats (3.7%), Crude fibres (17%), Crude ash (10%), Moisture (10%), Calcium (o.8%), Phosphorus (0,5%).

Feeding guidelines

Mix before feeding.This is a guideline only. Always ensure hay and fresh water are available.

Daily feed: allow 5g of food per adult degu.

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