Natural Nourishment

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Natural Nourishment

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Nature’s Touch is the perfect choice for your chinchilla. Our carefully crafted formula caters to their nutritional needs. With ingredients like hay, bran, dehydrated alfalfa, sunflower, and carrot, we promote a balanced and healthy diet. We stand out for our emphasis on fiber, crucial for chinchillas’ dental and digestive health, and the inclusion of carrots that provide valuable vitamin B support. Our diet is low in carbohydrates, mirroring their natural food preferences. Additionally, we reduce unpleasant odors associated with urine. Packaged in quality containers to ensure freshness. Nature’s Touch is where nutrition meets nature for your pet’s well-being.


Chinchillas are known for their picky eating habits, but a balanced diet is essential for their well-being. Nature’s Touch understands their needs, offering a blend of hay, bran, dehydrated alfalfa, sunflower, carrot, among others.

The Power of Extra Fiber: Chinchillas require extra vegetable fiber to maintain perfect teeth and a healthy digestive system. Our formula is low in grains and high in plants, promoting optimal digestion and overall health.

Added Carrot for Vitamin B Support: Nature’s Touch goes the extra mile by adding carrots, providing essential vitamin B support for your chinchilla’s health.

Low in Carbohydrates: In the wild, chinchillas consume minimal carbohydrates. Our diet reflects this by being low in grains and high in plants, further enhancing their digestion.

Say Goodbye to Unpleasant Odors: Our specially formulated food helps reduce odors associated with urine, ensuring a more pleasant living environment for both you and your chinchilla.

Packaged for Quality and Freshness: We believe your pet deserves nothing but the best. Our modified atmosphere packaging ensures that the food retains its quality and freshness, delivering top-notch nutrition every time.

Why Choose Nature’s Touch?

Tailored to Chinchilla Needs: Nature’s Touch is specifically designed for chinchillas, offering a rich source of fiber from a variety of plants and hay. This supports their digestive health, promotes dental wear, and helps maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

A Taste of the Wild: Our composition mirrors the plants, flowers, and vegetables that chinchillas naturally enjoy in the wild. Nature’s Touch is the ideal product to keep them in perfect shape, ensuring their well-being and vitality in a healthy and balanced way.

Give your chinchilla the gift of Nature’s Touch, a food designed with love and care, providing them with the nutrients they need to thrive and lead a happy, healthy life. Choose Nature’s Touch – where nature meets nutrition, and your pet’s well-being comes first.


Hay, bran, dehydrated alfalfa, sunflower, nettle (Urtica Dioica L.), straw, echinacea (Echinacea), dehydrated carrot (Daucus carota), wheat, betroot pulp, hibiscus (Hibiscus
L.}, birch (Bertula L.}, cane molasses, barley, marigold petal (Calendula Officina/is) and soybean oil.


Vitamin A (3a672a) 12.000 IU/Kg, Vitamin D3 (3a671) 1.080 IU/Kg, Vitamin E (a-Tocopherol) (3a700) 30 rTllfKg, Lys (lisina) (3c321) 0.42%, Iron (fenous carbonate) (3b103) 93.60 rTllfKg, Iodine (potassium iodide) (3b201) 1.26 mg/Kg, Cobalt(cobaltous basic carbonate) (3b302) 0.35 rTllfKg, Copper (Copper sulphate pentahydrate) (3b405) 9.60 mg/Kg, Manganese (Manganese oxide) (3b502) 24.60 mg/Kg, Zinc (zinc oxide) (3b603) 61.20 mg/Kg, Selenium (sodium selenite) (3b801) 0.06


Protein (15.7%), Crude oils & fats (2.7%), Crude fibres (20%), Crude ash (10.5%), Moisture (10%).

Feeding guidelines

Mix before feeding. This is a guideline only. Always ensure hay and fresh water are available.

Daily feed: allow 25g of food per 500g of body weight.

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